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Know What Your Competitors Don't

   Those Who Market Best
Make More Money   

Why Are Your Competitors 
Getting More Calls  

  How To Get Homeowners
To Respond To Your Mailings  

The Valpak Envelope Has Too Much COMPETITION!
But what if you could beat your competitors with time proven marketing content? By changing and adding time proven advertising skills your calls will increase just with some simple proven changes.
Proof is to read any news headline which draws you into the article.
This seminar will use a real Valpak ad for explanation purposes.
  Subject Matter
  • Are You Using The Wrong Words
Learn how to use these 4 words and see how your calls will double or triple – IF - MISTAKE – BECAUSE - WHY
  • How to QUICKLY Capture Your Reader’s Attention    
How to structure your ad to makes the reader want to take action!
  Attendees Will Have The Opportunity
To Have Their Ad Reviewed 
Why Do Realtors Get A Lousy Return On Their Mailings
If you're using postal mail why aren't you getting a 6% to 11% percent response? 
Subject Matter
  • You're Not Using The Right Words
Words have to create curiosity - answer the WHY question.

  • It's All In The Headline 
5 Sure Fire Headlines That Bring Business

  • Why Solving The Problem Is Wrong
​STOP solving the problem and see how your sales soar.

  • It's Not About You 
People Do Not Care about your awards, affiliations or anything you're saying about you. Find out how to get people interested about what you can do for them

Attendees Will Have The Opportunity
To Have Their Ad Reviewed

Is Your Phone Losing You Money

Need Listings

One of your biggest expenses is your phone - not the bill but the customers you lose because of Missed Calls. Every Missed Call is like Flushing Cash Down The Toilet      
This seminar will introduce you to a system that will NOT ALLOW you to ever miss another call.

Subject Matter
  • Why Not   Answering Your Phone Could Turn Into A Sale

  • Find Out Why The Caller Will Leave A Message Even If You Don't Answer The Call

  • Find Out How To ​Stop Losing Business After Hours
This Seminar " GUARANTEES" You Listings

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Each Seminar $39.00
Need Listings Seminar $89.00

All seminars are 70 minutes in length, with a 20 minute question and answer period after the seminar.

Need Listings Seminar   is 2 hours in length.
A 1 hour consultation by appointment is included in the seminar price.

It is suggested that notes be taken.