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Jack Conte
I Can Sell Anything and Teach You How To Do It Too

I love to sell and have been selling since “dirt was brand new.” I've been in “direct” sales most of my life. I started selling door to door and have always worked for myself on a commission basis. 
I tried working the forty hour a week thing it never worked out. Lucky for me! You’re probably the same!
I have also started a number of businesses all of which were based on "direct selling." In every business I started I “devastated” the competition.
So how did I beat the competition selling the same products and services, by transferring “direct” sales techniques into paper marketing – advertising.

You probably don’t know this, but we’re in the same business.
Whether you’re a business owner or an independent contractor at the end of the day if you don’t sell your service or product nobody’s going to give you a pay check at the end of the week.

The big difference between you and me is I know I’m a salesman, you on the other hand think of yourself as a hairdresser, attorney, florist, plumber, realtor or any number of different titles, but in the end you have to sell to survive.
The first thing a good salesman must do is to prove to your potential buyer to listen to you.
So, Why Listen To Me
Because I Can Teach You How To “DEVASTATE” Your Competition